Omnichannel Messaging Solutions

Mitobot Platform lets you unify messages from every channel into a single conversation, and build interactive messaging experiences for brands.

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What can you use chatbots for?

A chatbot is one-to-one messaging at scale that allows you to increase your marketing, sales and operations on various messaging channels.

Customer Care
Customer Care - Telekom Albania

Customer Care

Automate frequently asked questions and processes. Easily switch to human agents when necessary using Facebook Inbox or other platforms.

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Campaigns - Magenta Vibe


From simple to very complex campaigns the aim is to drive acquisition from conversations to your CRM.

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Brand awareness - MOL Hungary

Brand awareness

Chatbots are a new way to tell stories. Discovering your brand and services in a one to one conversation without distractions.

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MÜPA  - Palace of Arts


Automate even more than simple FAQs and integrate your Knowledgebase and NLP tools with chatbots. Conversations will become more valuable with added insight.

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    Omnichannel Conversational Platform

    An Omnichannel Conversational Platform for your every need

    Easily and quickly build chatbots without the need to involve developers. We can simplify building, managing and optimizing your bot performance.

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    We understand that building conversational experiences can be challenging. Our tried and tested process from start to finish builds customer centric conversational experience.

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    Why Mitobot is the right tool for you?

    Connect multiple channels into a single conversational experience and serve exciting engaging content for your users.

    Omnichannel User Profiles

    Mitobot Platform lets you unify messages from every customer channel into a single conversation profile. This allows you to personalize every conversation with your users.

    Business Messaging

    Beyond social media channels we are ready to support your business efforts on native business messaging channels such as RCS (through Google RCS Business Messaging).

    Instant response, 24/7 support

    With the help of bots you can respond very fast or even instantly to requests, which makes customers feel they are important and appreciated.

    More Qualified Leads

    Using your data wisely, will bring you great conversions throughout the whole funnel, resulting in more qualified leads.

    Create As Many As You Want

    You can create as many bots and integrations as you want. Our pricing is based on active user sessions, not on the amount of bots or the size of your team.

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