Create chatbots for multiple channels and languages in minutes.

Build a bot experience in minutes. Connect customer channels and other integrations. Without coding or machine learning skills. Have a look.

Three easy steps to create your bot


Build your content

Using our drag and drop editor, you can build your message flows and then connect it to one or more of your platforms.


Connect your channels

Build your content once and publish it to all of our available channels. Be it Messenger, Android RCS, WhatsApp or even Apple Business Chat.


Add Integrations

Optionally, you can connect your workflows with different cloud-based apps through HTTP calls or our Client API.

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Let’s break down the features

Simple conversation builder tool

Build your content simply and freely without restrictions. An unlimited amount of conversation blocks can be created and triggered by various sources. No coding knowledge is needed, and we make sure it is easy to understand for you.

Multiple language support

With an always-on multilingual chatbot, you can deflect up to 80% of routine questions, making your operation more efficient and cost-effective. Mitobot allows you to create different content for 100+ languages and can intelligently switch between your users' language content.

Multiple Customer Channels

Engage in one conversation across every channel and be where your customers are, with one continuous conversation across channels. Break down silos with a unified conversation that can be shared across sales, support, and marketing.

Audience segments

This feature allows you to create microsegments based on User attributes data. Segments and the underlying data can be exported and imported freely, so you can upload your CRM data to support segments. Segments can also be used for sending push messages and for sophisticated communication with your users.

Natural Language Support

Mitobot allows you to connect to various Natural Language Platforms - among Dialogflow and - and enhance your chatbots' language capabilities.

Broadcasting and push messages

Send manual messages or periodic updates to all or a part of your audience on their preferred channels. On top of broadcasts, you can send transactional push messages to your customers through our ClientAPI.

GDPR compliance built-in

Mitobot has implemented tools for administrators in your account settings to ensure they comply with GDPR and EU law, making it easy for you and your team to manage compliance.

Custom Variables

Deliver personalized content based on multiple quick answers your chatbot has memorized.

Better customer retention

Send messages instantly to all the people who have subscribed to your bot. Respond 24/7 with an automated assistant, and customize messages to your segments.

Keyword detection

Detect keywords from your users and respond in consequence. Combining keywords with advanced NLP features provides a more human conversation.

User profile datastore

All conversations contain many data. Your chatbot can store your user's information in User attributes, which allows you to make user segments for later usage. User attributes also enable you to make changes in the conversation flow or personalize the experience.

Work as a Team

Do it alone or manage your chatbots as a team. You can manage permissions and roles freely to be more flexible.

Connect to your infrastructure

Facebook chatbots are even more relevant when connected to your existing digital ecosystem. Augment your services by connecting your platforms through the chatbot. Send information collected by a chatbot directly to your CRM or import real time data within the chatbot conversations.

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Want to give it a spin?

We’d love to talk to you about your messaging strategy and
help make your software more conversational.